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3 Reasons why People Learn Italian

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to learn a new language.

Some are more common, such as for work, while others are more unusual. Just to give you an example, two language students of mine, known as Duo Fire, started learning French to develop their career as acrobats in France, that’s not something you hear every day!

As an Italian teacher, I’ve noticed three main reasons that make people want to learn this language. Can you guess what they are?

The first one is…



Not just for short holidays, but also for moving to Italy, whether just for a couple of months or… forever! The very first student who came to me to learn Italian wanted to study the language because they planned on moving to Italy to enjoy life here in a couple of years.

Well, there’s no surprise in that. Who wouldn’t want to live surrounded by art, in the country with the most UNESCO sites in the world?

Italy is also home to a great variety of landscapes, from crystal-clear waters to snowy mountaintops, perfect for any type of traveller.

The second reason why people start learning Italian is…

culture and roots


There are so many individuals around the world with Italian roots. They grew up abroad hearing their grandparents speak a mixture of Italian dialects and the local language. The majority of these people have always been immersed in the Italian language and culture, but there comes a time in their lives when they want to dive deeper and find out more about their origins and themselves.

And even those who don’t have Italian heritage are fascinated by the Italian lifestyle, such as the food and the fashion.

The last reason is probably my favourite one:



A bit of romanticism won’t hurt anyone, will it?

In fact, if French is universally known as the language of love, Italian is – as we’ve said – the language of countless Italian expats who have met and fallen in love with non-Italian people. And when it comes to the language of love, learning your better half’s language is certainly a great way to be even closer to them and win their heart. My first ever Italian language student, the one who wants to move to Italy in a couple of years, is married to an Italian woman from Naples. For him, learning the language is also a way to know and understand his partner and her family better.

From travelling to family and beyond, there are so many reasons to learn Italian. If you have your own and were looking for the right moment to start, why not now? It could be a great new year’s resolution for 2022!

And if you’d like to learn a new language and are wondering which one, I hope I piqued your interest in studying the poetical Italian language.

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