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If you’re looking to effectively reach your Italian audience, you’ve come to the right place.
I’m here to support you in reaching your business goals!
Have a look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide you with a quote.

That’s why it is crucial to use them in the right way, and that’s where I can help you.
As a language professional, I can ensure that your content is properly delivered in Italian and adapted to the context of your message.


If you want to make your Italian customers dream about your holiday accommodation, I’ll use the right words to create emotions…

…but if you need a technical project to be translated, then I’ll strictly stick to the text and provide an accurate Italian translation.

My job is not simply about translating, but localising and adapting
the language to your needs and goals.

If you’re ready to convey your message in Italian, get in touch!

Arabic, English, French and Spanish into Italian

But that’s not all! I work in a range of fields, and I will always tell you if I can provide
a five-star translation on your topic, or I will recommend a trusted colleague
if it falls outside my expertise.

Giuliana C.

Thanks to Giulia, I passed the English exam for my next school year. I thought the process would be hard and boring, but she made it easy, explaining everything to me, topic after topic. Learning English has become more enjoyable for me, and she helped me learn new words and expressions.

Giuliana C.
Italian student studying English

Miriam Hurley

Giulia and I traded revising each other's LinkedIn profiles. She revised and translated part of my Italian version. She's great to work with and a talented wordsmith!

Miriam Hurley
IT>EN translator

Marialaura de Pinto

Very young but highly professional translator, very attentive to deadlines and actively participating to the success of the project.

Marialaura de Pinto
Project Manager, Aglatech14


Giulia has collaborated with Chakana Creations as a volunteer in the beginning, translating articles into Italian, and later, for her quality and engagement in the work, we stipulated a contract for the translation of the book “Mastay, la alquimia del rencuentro” into Italian. It’s been a pleasure working with her, communication and exchanges were always positive and constructive.

Coordinator for Chakana Creations publishing

Anthony G.

Giulia’s Italian classes have given me the confidence to start speaking Italian with my family.

Anthony G.
American student learning Italian

Andrea & Aurora

Giulia is super prepared and professional. What we appreciate the most about her are her explanatory skills.

Andrea & Aurora
Italian students learning French

Feel free to write to me in Arabic, English, French, Italian or Spanish!